‘Working Out a Sustainable Diet: The Contested Ethics of Food Consumption in the Netherlands, 1960–85’, Journal of Contemporary History (with Peter van Dam, published online).

An article on the changing attitudes of the Dutch Consumers Union and the Nutrition Education Bureau towards the growing debate about the sustainable diet (c. 9,500 words).

‘Resisting the Idealised ‘Healthy Lifestyle’: Medical Mavericks, Fat Activists, and Couch Potatoes in U.S. and Dutch Newspapers (1967-1989)’, Cultural and Social History 18:4 (2021) 559-584. (Free download)

A paper about how groups ‘resisting’ popular lifestyle advice increasingly captured the interest of mainstream journalists in the U.S. and the Netherlands (c. 12,500 words).

‘Struggling Over Healthy Lifestyles: The Dutch Nutrition Education Bureau and the Individualisation of Public Health (1940-1980)’, BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review 136:1 (2021) 4-32. (Free download)

A study of the increasingly difficult fight against ‘overeating’ by the Dutch Nutrition Education Bureau in the post-war Netherlands (c. 11,000 words).

‘Representing Embodied Expertise: Anorexia and the Celebrity Athlete’s Lifestyle Advice’, Celebrity Studies (online version, 2020) 1-19. (Free download)

An article that examines the attractiveness of the celebrity athlete – here pro cyclist Leontien van Moorsel – and her role as a lifestyle expert in books, and on radio and TV (c. 9,000 words).

‘“Strong as a Bear, Gracious as a Gazelle”: The Expansion of Female Athleticism in Dutch Sports Magazines and Advertisements for Sports Food and Beverages, 1960-1980’, Yearbook of Women’s History 38: Building Bodies. Transnational Historical Approaches to Sport, Gender and Ethnicities (2019) 137-152. (Free download)

A chapter that deals with the relation between ideas about femininity and sports foods in the Netherlands of the 1960s and 1970s (c. 7,000 words).

‘Football clubs, city images and cultural differentiation: identifying with rivalling Vitesse Arnhem and NEC Nijmegen’, Urban History 46:2 (2019) 266-287. (Free download)

An article that analyzes the relation between city image and the image of their football clubs, zooming in on Vitesse (Arnhem) and NEC (Nijmegen) (c. 8,000 words).

‘1932: De Oprichting van Conimex’ [1932: The Foundation of Conimex], in: L. Heerma van Voss et al. (red.), Wereldgeschiedenis van Nederland (Amsterdam: Ambo Anthos, 2018) 520-525 (Free download).

A chapter on the popularization of Indonesian food in the Netherlands before and after World War II (c. 2,000 words).

‘Yogurt’s Flexible Image during its Rise in Popularity in Post-War Belgium’, Appetite 108 (2017) 132–140. (with Frédéric Leroy)

An analysis of the cultural values that influence yogurt consumption, and the marketing that brought the product its significant popularity (c. 7,500 words).

‘“Genoeglijk Onderonsje” of “Totale Oorlog”? Regionale Identificatie en Gelderse Ontmoetingen in het Nederlandse Voetbal’ [“Nice Get-together” or “Total War”? Local Identification and Encounters in Guelders in Dutch Football], Bijdragen en Mededelingen Gelre 107 (2016) 211–233. (Free download)

A study on the rivalries between Guelders’ football clubs, and the impact of historic regional and urban images (ca. 9,000 words).

‘The Domestication Of Innovation: The Image Of Canned Foods In The Netherlands, 1945-1985’, in: Louise Steel en Katharina Zinn (red.), Exploring the Materiality of Food “Stuffs”: Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives (Londen 2016) 39–56.

A chapter on the popularization of canned foods, which went from ‘cutting edge’ to ‘mundane pantry filler’ in mere decades (c. 8,000 words).

‘Convenience and the Hierarchy of Meal Preparation. Cooking and Domestic Education in the Netherlands, 1910–1930’, Appetite, vol. 94, no. 11 (2015) 7-12. (Free download)

Study on the relative importance of convenience in the cookery advice and recipes of the Dutch home education schools (c. 4,500 words).

‘“Een ongevaarlijk avontuur”: de beeldvorming omtrent buitenlandse eetculturen in Nederland, 1950-1970’ [“A Safe Adventure”: Foreign Cuisine as Mediated in the Netherlands, 1950-1970], Volkskunde, vol. 116, no. 2 (2015) 177-192. (Free download)

Analysis of the popularization of ‘foreign’ cuisines in the Netherlands in the postwar decades (c. 7,000 words).

‘Ready-Made Meals and Cultural Values in the Netherlands, 1950-1970’, Food & History, vol. 11, no. 1 (2013) 123-153. (Free download)

A rewritten and translated version of my master’s thesis on the image of ready-made meals and the cultural values involved in their appreciation in the post-war Netherlands (c. 14,000 words).

‘Zeer serieuze plagerijtjes: Het studentenblad Trophonios, 1964-1970’ [Very Serious Banter: The Student Paper Trophonios, 1964-1970], Oud-Utrecht vol. 83, no. 2 (2010) 58-64.

A short, popular article on the official student paper of Utrecht University in the tumultuous 1960s (c. 2,500 words).